Vacouverite by Association.
University Student.

Personality is the best trait you will ever posses. It can either attract or repel people, so use it wisely..
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Set up at #chalkboard!
I cant wait until I can roll over at 2 a.m. to find your lips instead of a text
The beginning of some major #monochrome day a la casa de Yevpak.

Shredded Blue Denim Jeans

My closet →


If you are interested in getting new a cheap clothes (and are okay with hand me downs) I am currently selling mostly all of my closet. 

If you go to the facebook page there is a array of clothes, all categorized, branded, sized and priced. And I’ll be adding more to it throughout the weeks. 

I can meet you anywhere along the Canada Line in order for you to pick up anything you might be interested in. 

Happy hunting! 

#Tea filled Sunday morning! 
With lots of #studying.
I spent my morning with #waldo and #blondeedsheeran
Saw this girl today.
Hello #beauty!
Can studying always be so serene 
#davidstea #peaceinthedaily
I seriously have no regrets of being the weirdo that I am. 
#nightmade #waldo
What happens when your a nut job and your friends play along. 


Getting ready